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November 24, 2008  •  Weddings

cheryl + rob - grand hotel, cape may nj

Do you remember Cheryl and Rob? They had their engagement session on the Steel Pier in Atlantic City this past summer.

They are an awesome couple and were recently married!

The wedding day. Our handsome groom, Rob.

I loved Cheryl's dress. It was just right for her.

The girls helping Cheryl getting ready.

The flower girl watched patiently.

Just beautiful.

A warm hug from mom.

Lovely bouquet.

This is one of my favorite images of the day.

We had lovely weather on the top of the Grand Hotel in Cape May NJ.

Husband and wife at last!

Cheryl's parents hired a white horse and carriage to take them around the quaint town of Cape May.

Wedding days make you a bit hungry so they stopped in to Kohr's Bros for an ice cream!

I love soft light.

Another favorite image.

Beautiful late afternoon light on the beach.

So happy together.

1st dance.

I am so very happy for you both! Thank you for the honor of photographing your beautiful day!

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